5 best LGA 1200 cpu for gaming 2023 (Don’t BUY Yet!)

LGA 1200 cpu for gaming
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Every processor needs a socket to help increase the functionality of its existence.

That is why several gamers have longed for a CPU with LGA 1200 but don’t know which to purchase.

Today’s guide will go straight to the best 1200 socket you can get for your Motherboard today.

My best LGA 1200 CPU for gaming is the Intel® Core™ i5-11600K because it consists of everything a gamer needs to run a good game station.

Although I have spent more time testing several other Intel Cores, here are the best I have seen so far. They are Intel® Core:

  1. i5-11600K – Best Overall
  2. i5-10400K – Best on Budget
  3. i5-10600K – Best In Chewing Up Every Task
  4. i7-11700K – Best in locking
  5. i7-10700KF – Stable Chip

As a gamer, a very good CPU with an energetic socket like 1200 is what you need to enjoy gaming without overheating or motherboard malfunctioning.

Before I go in-depth to explain these CPUs, let us take a brief look at why socket matters.


Why does CPU Socket (LGA) Matters In Gaming?

LGA stands for Land Grid Array, an electronic socket that creates electrical connections between the printed circuit boards and the CPU.

This is how data is transmitted easily from the CPU to another part of the computer system.

LGA sockets are very important, and 1200 is the best functioning socket in the Intel edition.

So, that is why several gamers consider looking out for CPUs with 1200 LGA Sockets.

Going further, let us now look at the best CPUs with this socket level in their best order.

1. Intel® Core™ i5-11600K Review
(Best Overall)

The Core i5-11600K is the best among other CPUs with the LGA1200 socket.

This is an energetic processor that works for gaming alone and can also be used for multitasking.

It’s an 11th-generation Chip with a CPU speed of 3.9 GHz and gives you stability, value for money and other things.

It is the strongest among the chips that are suitable for heavy gaming and can handle every load, plus chew off any threat shown at it.

If you also involve in Overcloaking, mostly just to increase your CPU’s speed and workload.

This processor is a good get for that because it is rugged and serves its owner well.

It has been serving me for a long while, and I enjoy using it without regretting it for once.

2. Intel Core i5-10400K Review
(Best on Budget)

The best CPU on a budget for any gamer who doesn’t have much to spend but needs quality is the i5-10400.

It’s a desktop processor with 4.3 GHz with LGA 1200, and it’s among the 10th-generation Intel Models.

If you are on a tight budget, you should consider this gaming CPU because it will handle any pressure.

It comes with 6 cores and 12 threads and is suitable for most tasks.


Unlike the i5-11600K, this CPU is mostly for light gaming and cannot accommodate heavy gaming.

So, if you are a light gamer, you can go for it. You won’t regret buying it for your game station.

3. Intel Core i5-10600K Review
(Best In Chewing Up Every Task)

If you need another chip specially designed to chew up any task, you throw at it.

Then the i5-10600K core is the best bet because it’s a workhorse that, even with overcloacking, is always superb.

It has an engine feature like the i5-11600K, although it cannot be compared to it.

But this CPU is fantastic. You don’t have to bother about upgrading your Motherboard before you can turn your PC into an engine.

You are in safe hands with any Mobo you have working with this processor.

Also, it comes with LGA 1200 and has 4.1 GHz, with 6 cores and 12 threads.


The Cooling fan is not included in the Core, which I don’t know why. However, it can be bought separately for a cheap price if you like this Chip.

4. Intel® Core™ i7-11700K Review
(Best in locking)

When it comes to locking, you want a processor that can fit into this aspect perfectly.

The eleventh-gen be of i7-11700K is the right answer for this task with its LGA 1200 and 8 Cores.

Very perfect for gamers who would like fast responses in anything they are operating.

The stability of this Chip is awesome, and it’s a considerable chip that you need to focus on.


This Chip is used at high temperatures and can overheat for a few hours of intense usage.

If you want to enjoy it, you better have a cooling pad as an external device that can help you cool it down.

Once you have this done, it’s a good tool. A cooling pad is within the range of thirty to fifty dollars.

5. Intel Core i7-10700KF Review
(Stable Chip)

If you need a stable Chip, the i7-10700KF is your go to recommendation from this guide.

It comes with 8 Cores and a 5.1 GHz rate. This Chip also supports LGA1200, and it’s a tenth-gen model.

Using this Chip, you will immediately see a big difference in how your gaming activity has increased.

It gives you stability in your activity and every mode.

Drawback; You will need great airflow into your case because it is a hot CPU.

Something like a cooling pad will be needed here also, just like the i7-11700K.


My requirements for selecting a great lga 1200 CPU for gaming

I consider several requirements when I want to buy a CPU, especially one with 1200 Sockets. They include:

1. Clock speed

You need a CPU with a high clock speed that runs faster to process other components rapidly.

This is with respect to giving the GPU quick signals to display quickly on your monitor.

2. Temps

You also don’t want a CPU that has a high-temperature rate. Once the CPU gets hot quickly, it becomes detrimental.

This can lead to quick damage of the CPU alone and its Mobo (Motherboard).

So, I always put this into consideration when selecting my CPU.

3. Multitasking

I also like CPUs that can multitask and do several other activities besides gaming.

I like a processor that can video edit and do many other business tasks while I also use it for gaming.

You need this when considering which CPU to buy.

4. Number of Cores

You also need to check the number of Cores, although there is a limit to what cores can do.

Some CPUs have many cores but still, underperform. However, Cores are still important, no matter what.


Now, we have discussed the different processor chips with LGA 1200.

My top priority and recommendation among them are the Intel® Core™ i5-11600K because it possesses all the features you need for gaming and other business tasks.

Over to you, what’s the best CPU that has LGA 1200 you have ever used?

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