Logitech MX Master 3 for gaming (Review after 11 months testing)

Logitech MX Master 3 for gaming
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Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse is worth the appraisal it gets because it’s a mouse built with intense details on quality.

Before getting a mouse for regular use, the thought of comfort and ergonomics never comes to mind, but when gaming is involved, you must consider some features to boost your gaming rate in detail.

Unlike the Logitech mx master 2s with a low profile and Micro USB, not USBC. Logitech MX Master 3 is improved with better qualities for gamers.

The qualities that this mouse has that best improve gaming and other performances are what I will discuss in this guide.

In this guide, I will go through the benefits of buying this mouse for gaming and why you should and shouldn’t consider this mouse as a gaming mouse.

All these will be based on the features of this device, so read to the end; you don’t want to miss vital points.


Who’s the logitech mx master 3 made for?

Built to function with your PC. It works perfectly for everyone. But can everyone honestly use it?

Yes, everyone who can operate a PC can use it. Its design suits almost all operations, from small operators like students and creators to more prominent operators like developers and coders.

Used for gaming, music production, and editing.

It works for different fields.

So the thought that “this mouse wouldn’t do what I want” shouldn’t even come.

As I progress in this, I will talk more about its features then you will decide if it is genuinely what you want.


The benefits of buying Logitech mx master 3 for your gaming

Below are some of the considerable benefits you get when using this gadget.

1. Ergonomic structure

Designed to provide efficiency and comfort to increase productivity.

The structure has a unique curve to support your thumb and wrist while working, so the effectively reduces the pressure on your wrist.

For gamers who spend quality time gaming, this structure is everything the aftermath of your long hours on the game or your PC will not be felt.

Your wrist and thumb won’t feel the pressure of constantly clicking and moving.

2. Bluetooth profiles

Built with details, and its Bluetooth profiles are high.

Being able to connect to three different PC or keyboards simultaneously with just one click. Also, you can switch to anyone you wish to use while others are still fully connected.

This feature is much more updated than the other models. Operating three different PCs from one mouse is incredible.

3. Very affordable

With this mouse’s qualities, the price rate is at a range where everyone can afford one.

Gamers using expensive gadgets now have a product like this that offers standards without breaking the bank.


Why it’s good for gaming

Built with details and these details boost the gaming section for gamers.

Some of these detailed features are what I will be explaining here.

1. Comfort

With its ergonomic design, I am sure you can visualize the comfort this mouse will provide.

Why buy what won’t guarantee your comfort?

How it feels on your hand doesn’t make it all slippery if it becomes sweaty after extended use.

Comfort for gamers is a priority. Considering the long time you spend gaming, you don’t want to feel all aches and aftermath. So getting this mouse is very advisable.

2. Strong battery life

Most regular wireless mice always have issues with battery life. But this mouse is exceptional in this case. The battery life is extreme and easy to charge.

Providing a long-lasting time of about several days for a 3hrs charge. There’s no other way to say this.

The built-in lithium-ion battery with this mouse makes the long battery life as smooth as possible.

With this kind of battery strength, there’s no cause for alarm, and you can play your game for as long as your want.

Even if you plug this in, you can still charge while gaming, but that shouldn’t be the case here.

Its sleep mode is one prominent uniqueness that makes the battery life last longer. The mouse automatically falls into a sleep mood to preserve the battery life.

3. 4000 DPI

For a mouse, this DPI is ok for its high sensor. It enhances the sensitivity of the mouse for effectiveness.

Unlike regular mice with a low DPI of about 2000, this sensor of 4000DPI will work better for some games.

Games that do not require high speed and fast moves will be played smoothly with this standard DPI.

Asides from gaming, this sensitivity will be very ok and smooth for other woke purposes.


Why you shouldn’t consider it

Although the logitech mx master 3 is a very quality mouse, but there are still some downsides that users have encountered, which doesn’t make this the perfect choice for them.

These downsides might not be a problem for you, and you might not be able to relate, but here are a few.

1. This mouse doesn’t favor the left-handed.

The shape of this mouse only favors right-handed gamers. Although it has all these good features, it doesn’t favor left-handed people.

I can’t say if this was an oversight, but left-handed people will have issues with balance because of how this mouse was built.

The curves and ergonomic shape will balance well for you.

I am unsure if there will be exceptions for left-handed people in the long run, but if any changes occur, I will gladly tell you.

2. No fit for small hand

The mouse is big and only fits people with big hands. So, If your hand is small or your wrist doesn’t have strength, trust me, you will get exhausted with the mouse.

In this case, it can reduce your productivity, and the ergonomic design won’t function well.



With this review on logitech mx master 3, you would have seen that this mouse is a quality piece.

I hope you didn’t skip any vital point that will influence your choice in getting this device. If you did, you could always go back for a re-read.

With the detailed knowledge given on this mouse, as a gamer, you should know now that this mouse is of good quality.

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