why does peacock premium have commercials (5 Reasons)

why does peacock premium have commercials

If you are using Peacock premium, it’s no news that you still see yourself obstructed by ads on your screen.

In disarray, you get confused and frustrated as to why commercials should appear on your screen after upgrading to premium.

That is why in today’s guide, we will discuss why ads are showing and possible measures to take in fixing ads showing as a premium user.

To know peacock premium have commercials, it’s because of the production costs which must be handled, and ads are a means to serve as more revenue source.

In fixing this commercial from showing on your screen, I have cooked some processes you can take into consideration below.

Using these methods, you can also know and fix ads showing. So, let’s get straight into it.

Next, we will discuss why commercials are showing even as premium users.

5 Reasons why peacock premium still has ads

Going further, it’s now time to move into the factors that cause Peacock TV to continuously show ads even after the premium upgrade.

1. More revenue source

Money can never satisfy us as human beings. The same thing applies to the board of Peacock.

More ways to make extra revenue aside from the funds generated from subscription fees.

This makes it easier for the team to continue the smooth running activities of their brand.

2. Competition

Since there are also many other streaming platforms like Hulu and much more.

Relying only on subscription fees cannot be dependant enough for Peacock because the more competition, the fewer the customers.

It should also be noted free users are also looking for more streaming platforms that can satisfy their wants.

However, even though premium users are using Peacock, more alternatives are still available.

So, commercials are another way Peacock can make money from paid and free users.

3. Much content

Several movies and shows are being streamed on this platform, and you have to know that the cost of maintenance is not getting low.

When Peacock started, the number of series they are showing cannot be compared to now.

Looking at the present rate, you see them streaming several shows and movies and partnering with top entertainment brands like WWE.

All this is much content they have to handle, and the cost of maintenance and production is getting higher.

That is why commercials are a way to reach their target at the end of the month.

4. Bugs

Sometimes, you might realize that even though you have subscribed to premium plus.

You will still see yourself getting some petty commercials showing on your screen.

This is because of some bugs from the peacock backend, and it’s the fault of their developers.

However, even top brands with billions of users are not exceptional regarding bugs.

5. Business Greed.

Normally, with the $4.99 basic premium plan, one is not meant to upgrade to any other $9.99 per month by Peacock.

But because of the greediness of making more money and getting customers to subscribe more.

Peacock brand has decided to manipulate the brain and make more money with many subscribers.

They just want to be able to filter more buyer audiences and upgrade customers from regular customers.

How to fix ads showing on peacock premium

Discussing next is how you can fix adverts showing up on your peacock device and the best possible measures.

1. Using Ad-blocker

There are several extensions out there that you can use to block ads easily on your device.

Another guide that discusses this topic more is this. However, you can block commercials on your screen using a tool like Pi-hole.

This makes it super easy to access and stream your favorite movies and shows in peace.

As heartbreaking as this might look to the peacock brand. It’s just a way for us users to have peace.

One shouldn’t have to go the extreme of upgrading to the premium plus plan, even though that is the end goal of every ad removal.

But the ads blocker is fantastic, and Pi-hole is what I and the majority of other users out there are using.

2. Using a brandable stick

Google is sometimes greedy, which is why I don’t always want to rely on any materials that are not Apple.

Since Google has partnerships with most devices out there, especially android connects.

You will have fewer or no ads showing on your device using the Apple TV stick compared to other devices.

A brandable stick is what I always prefer to use and recommend to several readers out there.

You can try out an Apple TV stick and happily enjoy every channel streaming without being bombarded with commercials.

3. Upgrading to premium plus

You can also upgrade your plan to premium plus, in case you don’t want to go the extra mile.

Once you upgrade from basic premium to premium plus, you stand the chance of not seeing any commercials again.

Although, some users still complain about seeing little ads even though they have already upgraded.

But you can get this fixed with either of the above two methods I discussed in this guide.

Final Advice

This brings us to the end of this guide concerning why Peacock is showing ads to premium users.

If you have the basic paid plan, you will still see commercials on your screen.

But with the premium plus, you are promised not to see ads.

Even though some users of this plan still complain about seeing commercials. The ad-blocker and apple tv methods are what they result in.

If this solves your problem, kindly drop your comment and thoughts in the reply box below this guide.

However, it won’t be good to leave without reading this guide on How many episodes Peacock play before stopping.

It is another guide that further addresses what several peacock users are battling.


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