Peacock quality settings (Quick easy fix)

peacock quality settings

Setting up the quality of your peacock channel greatly benefits satisfying one’s pleasure.

As a streaming service from NBC Universal, peacock settings can be complicated for some users.

That is why in today’s guide, we will discuss this in detail and how you can fix this aspect of your life as a peacock subscriber.

Why you should setup your peacock channel quality

Digging deep, it will be more beneficial to look at the facts which make setting up your quality settings on Peacock valuable.

1. Connection to other devices

Whenever you make your peacock settings to be intact and make it respond in a good visual.

Your connection to peacock tv on other devices won’t be that difficult because it will bring you the same visual.

As it is noted that most customers do not only stream Peacock on their TV but also stream on their mobile and desktop.

You can enjoy more streaming services on any gadget whenever you have things set up much better.

2. Streaming favorite shows

Your ability to stream your favorite shows is what makes you want to have good picture quality.

We all watch series on the peacock platform, while some have shows they cherish.

Whenever you set up the quality of your streams, you stand more chance of enjoying your show.

3. Enjoy pleasure

Do you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest and have much pleasure? Then with a good setting structured for your channel, you are suitable to rumble.

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Ways good quality settings help your peacock channel

Some factors will influence your views positively whenever you have good quality settings on your peacock channels.

Below are the factors.

1. Interference Streaming

Normally, whenever you are streaming your shows and movies on Peacock. It’s normal to get ads.

Commercials on Peacock tv are not new and are always available for both free and primary premium users.

So, imagine you are watching Peacock with bad quality and still getting ads showing on your tv.

I am sure the frustration will be too much for you to handle.

That is why a positive impact of having good quality settings matters in streaming your episode series or shows on Peacock.

2. Taking usage of subscriptions

As a free user of Peacock, you will be limited to the number of shows and episodes you can watch.

You will have to upgrade to premium to watch almost every episode as they are being released on Peacock.

However, what happens when you are streaming and have poor picture quality as a premium user?

This isn’t good, and it doesn’t make you take much pleasure from every subscription that you have made.

3. Influencing other channels

When good-quality settings are available on your peacock channel, this will also influence the performance of other media.

No matter the stick or dish you use, you need good quality to influence other channels.

Going further, let us conclude how you can set up an excellent quality to stream better on Peacock.

4. Better viewing experience as a mobile user.

As a mobile user, you deserve the best viewing experience possible.

This is why having good quality settings is crucial for optimizing your Peacock channel on your device.

When you have high-quality settings enabled, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in your favorite shows and movies, without any pixelation or lag.

But what exactly do we mean by “quality settings”? Essentially, it refers to the resolution and bitrate of the content you’re streaming.

By default, Peacock will adjust these settings based on your internet connection and device capabilities.

However, if you want to ensure the best viewing experience, you can manually adjust these settings to your liking.

By doing so, you’ll not only enhance your viewing experience, but you’ll also save on data usage.

After all, lower quality settings use less data, which can be especially important if you’re on a limited data plan.

So take a few minutes to explore your Peacock settings and adjust them to your preferences. Trust me, your eyes (and wallet) will thank you.

5. Sharing with families and friends becomes easier.

Are you tired of huddling around a tiny phone screen to share your favorite shows and movies with your loved ones?

Well, good news! Having high-quality settings on your Peacock channel can make sharing with family and friends a breeze.

When you have good quality settings enabled, you’ll be able to enjoy your content on a larger screen without sacrificing visual clarity or audio quality.

This means you can invite your family and friends over for a movie night or binge-watch session, and everyone can enjoy the same immersive experience.

Plus, having high-quality settings can also make it easier to share your Peacock account with multiple people.

By allowing everyone to access your account on their own devices, you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows and movies together, even when you’re apart.

So take a few moments to adjust your quality settings on Peacock and get ready to share the magic of great entertainment with your loved ones.

How to set up good quality settings for your Peacock

Going further, it’s time to discuss how to set up good settings for your Peacock tv and stream movies with loved ones.

1. Having a good streaming network

Most times, it’s always good that you have a good streaming network before even thinking of adding Peacock as a channel.

This can be influenced by the location where you are situated.

If you have a poor network connection in your areas, you stand fewer chances of streaming a better quality.

Your location matters most; in most cases, you can get a good Antenna or amplifier to get a good network.

This factor is significant in any method you can apply to get a good peacock quality view.

2. Setting up your HD

Trying to set up your HD in your television is also another setting that you should work better on.

In your remote, try navigating to “Menu” and checking out the “Output” segment of the screen.

You will see the resolution, and you can set up a good quality of either 720p or 1080p.

This setting depends on your taste and which one you prefer better.

3. Using a good stick

Using a good stick will also help you reach more good picture quality on your peacock streaming.

I always recommend the Apple TV stick. Also, the Amazon Fire TV stick is not bad for streamers.

The reason is that they have good video and audio specifications, making settings easier for a novice.

Having a good HDR10+ in either of both sticks is an excellent requirement to get any channel on your tv up and to run.

A stick impacts the view and performance of your streaming on Peacock and should be adequately considered.

4. Disabling Adblocker

To wrap it up in this segment. You might want to disable the ad blocker if you have it on and see that your quality is terrible.

Even though this is not a primary reason or requirement to get this fixed.

It can only be put into consideration after you have tried to apply all the methods I have stayed above.

But it is not new that even though ad blockers help to stop peacock ads. It also has its bad side, which affects the channel’s performance.

Final Thought

Bringing us to the end of this guide, I have been able to explain peacock quality settings to you.

It’s now time to implement what you have learned here and if you find any other solution that works for you, kindly use the comment box to share your thought.

It will also be good to read this guide on Improving your movie experience with Peacock streaming quality.

Since you find this guide worthy, this guide will significantly benefit you.


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