TikTok too long for Instagram story (Use this method)

TikTok too long for Instagram story

Imagine the fresh feeling of being done uploading on your Tiktok, and your next step is to repost to Instagram.

Using the Instagram story is another way to reach a lot of your audience, and you can’t upload because your clip is too long.

That’s disheartening, and I understand how that might feel. However, today’s guide will discuss what you can do to fix this.

There are some reasons why TikTok can be too long for your Instagram story and you will see that your videos are not uploaded in full to your story.

You might see that they are being split into several parts in 15 minutes to fill up the spaces.

As of the time of writing this guide, Instagram is still making this a hard time for many users.

The reason is majorly because the Instagram updates are still filled with bugs that are not allowing you to upload correctly.

However, uploading Tiktok videos directly to Instagram benefits you and me. Let us immediately check that out.

Reasons why uploading TikTok videos to Instagram is essential.

Below are some reasons why uploading Tiktok videos to Instagram directly is advantageous to you.

With this, it becomes easier for you in several areas. Here are the reasons;

1. Engagement growth

You will see that the engagement on your posts will grow more enormous.

Many Tiktok content creators are not maximizing the usage of both Instagram and Tiktok.

Using Instagram to promote your videos is another way to ensure engagement keeps rolling out.

With this method, other creators and big brands can collaborate with you.

Oh yes, it happens when other brands get in touch with you for collaboration purposes.

2. Easy reposting

The ability to easily repost whatever you have created is also another reason.

Imagine if you have already uploaded your video to Tiktok or they have already helped you turn your pictures into videos on the Tiktok application.

You can easily save these videos on your phone and reupload them on Instagram.

Instead of you still going ahead, starting to create a new video from scratch, which can take your time.

Doing this, you won’t even realize that you have uploaded countless videos because it is much easier for you.

3. Wide Coverage

Never putting all your eggs in a single basket is always advisable. You always want to widen your coverage.

By doing this, you should tap from the audience of both Instagram and Tiktok to build a wider audience.

These days and even in the past, we have seen and heard from several content creators on Tiktok who lost access to their accounts and lost all.

However, what if they have a backup account on Instagram, While they are uploading on TikTok, they upload that same video on Instagram?

Making them kill two birds with a stone at the same time.

So, even if any ban happens to their TikTok account, they can easily continue using Instagram and send their Instagram users to follow them on their new Tiktok account.

This is the best way to have a backup plan for everything you are doing.

Since we are done with this, let us head over to the methods you can use to solve this problem.

Methods to fix your TikTok video not uploading fully on Instagram

Here are the possible methods that you want to adopt.

1. Clear your phone cache

What you want to do at first is to clear your phone cache.

Although some users claim that this doesn’t work, I have seen many users commend that this is their best solution.

This works well if you could upload a full 60 minutes video on your Instagram story, but suddenly, you can’t anymore.

Doing this and going to your phone settings to Instagram and clearing your cache. You will be able to upload your Tiktok videos.

However, if this doesn’t work, you can try out the following method, which is.

2. Following the app update

Oh yes, you can decide to follow the Instagram application update by upgrading your account.

Going to your play store or your app store, you can update your Instagram account to the newest version.

It can be because of the previous version you are using, and the newest version can solve your problem.

Also, if you have always been able to upload longer videos on Instagram before and not you couldn’t.

It can also be because the new updated version doesn’t support it. So, try downloading the other version that uploads longer videos.

After downloading, you should be able to upload a longer video of Tiktok on Instagram.

3. Try using a wifi cellular

Well, this might want to look funny but merely using wifi instead of using your direct mobile data also works.

Though I have not tried this method, but I have seen a friend of mine use this to solve the issue.

She only switched off her data and instead used a wifi cellular by turning on her phone’s wifi, and she could upload a long 60 minutes video of her Tiktok on Instagram.

4. Sign up Beta Testers Creators

You can also sign up as the beta tester of Instagram and see if you can be lucky enough to get the features.

Instagram has accounts they send new features to, to see how well users interact with it.

You can become a beta tester by going to your app store or Android play store and searching for Instagram.

After that, scroll down and go to the developer contact, and you will see “Join the Beta“.

Instagram beta tester

Here you can join beta testers and see if any update is being rolled out.

Your account will be selected, making you enjoy new features before it goes wider.

However, many people have been able to use this to upload longer videos on Instagram. I really hope this 4th method works for you.

These four methods that I know work very well and can help you solve the issue of longer Tiktok videos not uploading on Instagram.

Use this to get prepared for next time.

Changing your account to an artist or a professional can help bypass this problem.

However, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to get full access to this, but it does help in most cases.

So instead of using an ordinary account. You want to change to a professional or business account.

This is how to prepare for this, and you should be able to Upload longer Tiktok videos.

Final Thought

I have done everything justice to this problem of long videos not wanting to upload on Instagram.


If you are experiencing this, I want you to know there is no direct answer to solving this.

You can adapt the methods I have discussed in this guide, and hopefully, one of them will help you solve your problem.

If this guide helps you, share it with your friends on social media by clicking the social icons below.

I will also recommend that you read this guide if you have not used the Instagram countdown timer in your story.

It’s vital for every content creator on Instagram.


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