You can’t send message to this group because you are no longer a participant [WhatsApp Fix]

You can’t send message to this group because you are no longer a participant

A few days ago, I was about to drop an update on a WhatsApp group I dearly love to engage with so much.

I only saw an error message telling me, “You can’t send message to this group because you are no longer a participant”.

In disbelief, I had to back and check back in the group and still kept seeing the same error message.

My mindset shifted, and I had to first think of many things that could have caused this.

After much research and perseverance in making sure that I solved this task, I found a solution.

That is what brings about today’s guide, and you will be learning how you can solve this error message on WhatsApp.

Suppose you are wondering what exactly could be the problem. Let’s check out the problem below.


Why this error happened on your WhatsApp

Several reasons could result in you seeing this message, but I will discuss the two primary reasons why this can happen.

1. You changed your phone number

The first reason can be that you changed your phone number to another.

Many people face this challenge as they will change their phone number, and by the time they want to access their desired group, they won’t be able to engage again.

This was actually what happened to me because I know I haven’t violated any law on that particular WhatsApp group.

However, if your reason is not that you changed your number and saw this, the other reason would be because of this below.

2. Admin removed you

The group admin might have removed you alone just because you have violated their policy or you are not engaging.

Some people are always in a WhatsApp group and won’t engage but only read interactions.

While some people will engage but also g against the group’s policy. Which will lead either one to remove from the admin.

So, either of these reasons would result in you seeing the unable to message error on WhatsApp because you aren’t a participant.

How to fix this error message on your WhatsApp

This brings us to how you can fix this error in case you are experiencing one at the moment.

1. Change to the added phone number

The first thing you want to do is a change to the exact phone number that you used to join the WhatsApp group.

The initial phone number you used to join that specific WhatsApp group is what you want to change to.

You can do this by simply going to your settings>> account>> change number.

WhatsApp settings

settings on whatsapp

You can't send message to this group because you are no longer a participant WhatsApp

change number

By doing this, you will be able to get back to your WhatsApp group, which you like posting on it.

2. Contact Head Admin

Suppose your case is not around the changing of the phone number. Then just like telegram, you want to contact the admin of that group.

contact adminJust message the head admin of the group and tell them about what you are seeing.

If they are the ones who removed you, you will be informed, and you can plead for the admin to add you back.

This way, you even stand more chances, but you have to make sure you don’t repeat the mistake as there might not be another time.

3. Contact Another Admin

What if the admin is adamant and you still have several other admins in the group?

Well, contact another admin and explain yourself and plead to the admin.

If one doesn’t want to add you back, the other will add you back since they are not living in the same place in most cases.

Just merely texting them can solve your problem quickly.

4. Use another phone number to Join

You can also decide to use another phone number to join the group if you have a different phone number.

Although this can be stressful, but if you are in need, you need to join the group. You can use another number.

It won’t occur to the admin that you are the one who is messaging because you are a stranger to them.

This is only for you to go the extra mile to achieve what you want if the admin removes you and they don’t want to add you back.

5. Move on

One final method is to move on and continue with life if the group is not that important to you.

Some groups can be vital for a short time, but since you are being removed, you should move on.

I will only suggest you go hard on getting yourself back to the group if you need something urgent in the group.

That’s my two cents.


Final Thought

Well, I believe this guide has solved your problem with getting the error message “you cannot send message to this group“.

Follow the method I have explained above, and you will always be up and running.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, you can use the comment box below.


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