Your shortcuts facebook friends meaning (Detailed Guide)

Your shortcuts facebook friends meaning
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Going through Facebook and coming across the Facebook shortcut friend option on my Facebook page regularly.

I have come to realize that these Friends on the shortcut option appears based on my interaction and people’s interaction with my account.

If you have come across the Facebook shortcut friend option like me and you are curious to know more about it, then you’re in the right guide.

Seeing unexpected people and old friends you haven’t thought of in the front of your Facebook shortcut list is weird.

In this guide I will talk extensively on what the your shortcuts Facebook friends is all about based on my experience.

Knowing what it means, why those people are showing on your Facebook friends shortcut list, how you can disable this Facebook shortcut and possible ways to prevent yourself appearing on other people’s shortcut.

What does it mean?

The friends shortcut on Facebook is an icon on your shortcut menu where you can easily view your friend requests and friend suggestions on your Facebook account easily.

The friends activity showing in this shortcut are from friends who you have viewed their content Recently.

For example, if you and I are friends on Facebook and you do view my content frequently on Facebook.

Facebook will recommend you more on my shortcut.

So if we know each other before it might spark a reunion or help us build a strong connection.

But if you don’t know me and I have been viewing your profile for so long it will not only be on your Facebook shortcut friends it can be regarded that I am stalking you.

This is how the Facebook shortcut friends are arranged in your Facebook.

Based on the engagement of a person on your profile.

Why is it showing?

Facebook friends shortcut like I have started earlier is a feature to make our Facebook experience easier.

The reason this features is showing is;

Based on your Activity on Facebook

One of the major reasons why you see the friends shortcut on your menu is based according to how your Facebook app brings these shortcuts to you so if you’re viewing a group too often that group will be on your shortcut menu.

The same applies to the friends option on your shortcut menu. If you view people’s profile often, the more Facebook recommends you to them.

How to disable this Facebook shortcut

The Facebook shortcut and it’s functions might not be appealing to you.

Using the usual way of getting to these Facebook features is probably what you want.

Don’t worry the shortcut is not a compulsory update that you must use.

Use what makes Facebook very easy for you to use well.

Thankfully you can disable the Facebook shortcut yourself when ever you don’t feel the need of it.

To Disable the Facebook shortcut;

  • Go to the bottom right of Facebook, tap .
  • Tap Settings and privacy.
  • Click Settings, then tap Shortcuts.
  • Tap Shortcut bar.
  • Click the drop-down menu next to the shortcut, you will see “Pin, Auto or Hide”.
  • Select “Hide” to hide it.

Final Thought

Going through this guide, you have seen that I have shared with you based on my experience on Facebook Shortcuts friends.

You now know that the people on this shortcut friends list are those that are actively Involved in your profile and Facebook recommends them to you.

With this guide you now know what the term shortcut Facebook friends mean and why it appears on your profile.

And if you do not feel comfortable with this feature, with this guide, you can disable the feature on you Facebook account following the steps I stated above.

If this guide has helped you to solve your problem, please leave your honest review in the comment section below.

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