Best beyerdynamic headphones for gaming 2023 (Top 7 Choices)

Best beyerdynamic headphones for gaming
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As a fan of Beyerdynamic headphones, it might have been tough to select the best one for your gaming setup.

I understand the feeling of trying to clear every distraction and maintaining stability in your workstation.

That is why my best gaming Beyerdynamic headphones for this guide is the DT 880 Premium, because of its sturdiness and ability to serve you for a long time.

Although there are still several other types of this headphone that are also compatible with gaming.

Below is the list of the top best among them all. We have the Beyerdynamic:

  1. DT 880 Premium – Best Overall
  2. DT 990 Pro – Best on Budget
  3. DT 1990 Pro – The best Expensive
  4. DT 770 Pro – Best in sound quality
  5. TYGR 300 R – Best in comfort
  6. MMX 150 – Best Among Others
  7. MMX 300 – Premium Gaming Headset

Now that you have seen the brief look at the best Beyerdynamic headphones that gamers like you can consider.

Why don’t you join me as I go in-depth into the review of these pieces to help you justify every decision you are about to make?

1. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium
(Best Overall) 

The DT 880 is a limited edition of Beyerdynamic that is very suitable for gamers.

When it comes to getting much value for whatever cash you are paying for a headphone, this gadget is the answer.

The materials made to produce these headphones are quality and last a long time.

Also, you do not have to worry about weight because it’s a piece you can carry for hours.

It doesn’t put much pressure on your ear as you can always use it to game for a long time without feeling any pressure.

Also, the components are quite easy to change after years of usage.

I have this product as a gaming arsenal, and it has been fantastic.


2. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Review
(Best On Budget)

DT 99O Pro is another gaming headphone with 250 ohm that suits very well for someone on a low budget.

I understand the feeling of not having much cash to spend, and you want something that can work awesomely.

Oh yes, and that is why DT 990 Pro is the answer to your calls. This headphone is your reach if you want a good audio sound and something concise.

Testing it out, I can feel why several gamers on a budget are always talking great about it.

Same as the gold plated on both sides of the headphone. Such beauty.


3. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro
(Best Expensive)

DT 1990 Pro is the headphone for the rich gang gamers who like to use expensive gadgets.

I know the feeling of being able to mention with pride the amount you bought your headphones.

And not only that, getting a quality gadget that serves you for a long time with long-lasting durability.

This headphone has a good soundstage and a clear sound to anything you are gaming.

The sound surround is superb, and you are always good at rumbling with enemies.

4. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
(Best in Sound Quality)

If you need headphones with good sound quality, then the DT 770 Pro is another beaut.

It has 80 Ohm, and it’s also an earphone for gamers like you.

The headphone is comfortable and doesn’t drive someone nuts with weight. You can game freely with it.


The only downside is that the bottom of the one I tested clips easily.

I guess maybe it’s the one I bought. I don’t know why. However, yours might not be the same.

5. Beyerdynamic TYGR 300 R
(Best in comfort)

If you want a wired comfortable headphone among the Beyerdynamic series.

Then the TYGR 300 R is a model you should consider to bring you the best gaming experience.

A cousin of mine using this headphone testify to its comfort and the fact that he loves it.

I tried it out at his apartment for hours playing GTA 5 RP, and it has been excellent.

You can give it a trial, and you will be proud. The model is fantastic.


The only thing I see that is kind of awkward is the battery. The battery life cannot be compared to the models above.

6. Beyerdynamic MMX 150
(Best among others)

The Grey color MMX 150 is another beautiful headphone of Beyerdynamic models.

This gadget is what gamers can use to get great sound. Also, you can go hands-free with these headphones.

Very effective for multitasking, so you don’t have to keep your hands on your cheeks when calling.

Easy to quickly pause sound and also do some tasks.


Although sometimes I do feel the cable transfer sound anything my hand makes contact with it.

It might not be much of a big deal though. Maybe I am just always too sensitive to the quality of gadgets.

7. Beyerdynamic MMX 300
(Premium Gaming Headphone)

Another MMX model you can consider is the 300, which several gamers have already used.

It’s a second-generation series with great sound quality and is suitable for premium gaming.

It comes with a built-in microphone with great isolation and sound comfort.


It Might not be suitable for multi-player gaming that will require you to communicate all the time.



What I look for when selecting the best Beyerdynamic headphones for gaming

Getting the best headphone for your gaming experience can be kind of difficult.

That is why I put into some serious consideration whenever I want to select or recommend the best Beyerdynamic gaming headphones.

So, here are what I consider to pick the best, which you should also start using.

1. Sound quality

You always want to ensure that the sound quality of the headphones you want to buy is intact.

That is why the headphones here have a stable sound quality that will always give you value for your money.

2. Quality of material

When the quality of the materials used to create a headphone is non-original, you have to be ready for replacement.

However, it won’t be proper for you and me to spend a lot on gaming headphones today and now have to spend bucks on another one next month.

So, material quality is what I prioritize.

3. For gaming

Why should I even review such a product for you if it’s not for gaming?

For you to know that every Beyerdynamic is tested and reviewed here for your best gaming benefits.

So, be rest assured that they are fully advantageous for gamers.

4. Bass quality

The Bass quality has to be awesome. This is effective whenever you’re on the system killing enemies.

You want to feel the bass of enemies screaming and missions are getting accomplished.

5. Noise cancellation

The noise around you can cause distractions. However, for you to clear these noises. You need a good headset.

That is why the moment you have this headset, except if it’s a one-ear headset, you are good to rumble.

6. Volume control

The volume control should be easy to handle and not a difficult one at the highest.

Final Thought

As a gamer, Beyerdynamic headphone is a good brand to patronize for your pleasure.

However, not everyone knows the best one to go for since many low-quality headphones are out there.

That is why Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium is the best overall among all of them.

It has been serving me and several other close gamers for years, and we never regret getting it.

Since it has all the features others will and won’t give you, you should go for it.


Over to you, What’s the best Beyerdynamic headphone you have ever used?

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