How To Duet On TikTok Lite (An Honest Guide For Beginners)

How To Duet On TikTok Lite

Most social media platforms, including Tiktok, launched the Lite version of their apps to minimize cost and save more mobile data for online users.

However, several users have been wondering how possible it is when it comes to ways to Duet on Tiktok lite.

Presently, it’s still impossible for you to duet on Tiktok lite without having the actual Tiktok application on your phone.

I know this is not what you like to see, but there is no trick you can apply for this to work.

What to know about TikTok Lite

So, you need to know that the Tiktok lite application is majorly designed for users who want to consume content the most on the platform.

It is not majorly designed for content creators who want to grow their fanbase by using several opportunities.

You can see this from the image example below as I tried to use the actual Tiktok version and the lite version.

TikTok Lite Duet example

Trying to check out the duet option on the same video shows that there are more features to use in the actual version, including Duet.

While in the Lite version, there are fewer features for you to create content with, and you cannot even duet.

So, if you want a duet on Tiktok, use the Tiktok application by going here.

A content creator cannot use the TikTok lite to Duet at the moment. You can only use it to view other people’s Duet.

So to do this, go to your discovery page and searching for “Keyword Duet“.

Whatever song or trend you want to view, the Duet Trend replaces “keyword” and adds Duet to the end.

That way, you can view other people’s duets using the Tiktok lite and enjoy them promptly.

However, if you want to learn how to duet with the actual Tiktok application itself without using the Lite version (which you cannot use for dueting).

Below is how you can go about doing that very quickly.

How to duet on Tiktok

The explanation below explains how you can duet on another video on the Tiktok application, so that you can create more content.

1. Find your video

TikTok loading
2. Click on share

TikTok Lite duet
3. Tap on Duet

Duet explanation4. Record your Duet and Upload


Note: Not all videos will allow Duet because some content creators don’t let it.

Duet on TikTok

This image shows how some content creators might not allow Duet on their videos.

Meaning the moment they want to upload the video, they can decide not to allow dueting just by toggling it off.


Overview and Thought

If you plan on using TikTok lite to Duet, then I am sure this guide has shown you what you need to know.

You can also read this guide on how to get more likes on your Tiktok videos because it will help you when you finish creating your duets.

It’s discouraging to finish creating a video, and there are no likes. Check it out. It will help.


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