You’re not eligible for monetization Instagram (Best Solution)

You’re not eligible for monetization Instagram

People have been using social media platforms as a source of income for a long time, and Instagram is one of their top choices.

The platform has made it easier for creators to earn while making sure they are following all the guidelines.

Not to sound like a get-rich-quick-infomercial, but by being aware of new monetization features.

You can be among the first early adopters and have a greater chance of earning good money with that feature.

However, people have been having some issues with it recently.

Instagram users have been frustrated as many creators have received a notification saying, “You are not eligible for monetization.

This was a shock to many as they had been using Instagram regularly for business.


Some people stated this same complaint on their Twitter accounts.

Meeting some basic requirements in followers and views is not enough for you NOT to get the ineligibility for monetization on Instagram.

In the guide, I will show you the proper procedure you have to meet to avoid this of this kind of message.

Before that, we need to understand how monetization works.

What does Instagram monetization mean?

For creators and influencers, monetizing an Instagram account doesn’t mean selling physical or digital products to a social audience.

It means earning money for the content you’re already putting on the platform: posts, Reels, Stories, e.t.c. Some do mistake selling for monetization.

Each monetization feature has different criteria you’ll have to meet depending on your location, number of followers, and your engagement rate.

However, you’ll have to check your specific account to see if you are already qualified to use them.

Conditions For Instagram Monetization

Below are the brief requirements you should consider when applying for monetization.

For most creators, you need the following:

  • To be at least 18 years old.
  • Have an Instagram Creator or Business account.
  • Be in locations where the features are available (US, UK, Japan, Spain, Italy, and more).
  • Be Between 1000 to 10,000 followers, depending on the feature.
  • A Paypal account to receive payments from Instagram.
  • Adhere to all the Content and Community guidelines and have no standing violations.


Conditions To Attain Instagram Monetization Faster.

Below are the things you have to put into consideration for you to be eligible for monetization.

I decided to write this out because many users feel they are eligible for monetization, which they are not even close to.

So, take note of these things written below.

1. You Should Have A Loyal & Engaged Audience

One good thing about Instagram influencer marketing is the loyalty and trust you have built with your audience.

Influencers can use it to reach their goals to boost sales or drive brand awareness.

Followers who trust you will also charge your recommendations and helps with Instagram monetization.

That means you have built up a good relationship with your followers and It also ensures that your sponsored content will resonate with your audience.

2. You should Have a strong Influence Over Your Follower

You should have absolute power to persuade and also be a trendsetter.

They should be able to look up to you and adopt your lifestyle.

It would be best if you had a good idea of your followers’ tastes and how they respond to different brands and sponsorships.

A loyal and engaged following is easier to influence.

They do not just want to be part of your community but also, most importantly, value what you say.

So you must provide authentic content for them and also advance your knowledge of customer engagement, then Instagram monetization should not be a problem for you.

3. You Have to use An Instagram Business Account

An Instagram business account gives access to more Instagram features.

It’s easy for anyone to convert their account to an Instagram business account.

An Instagram business account gives you access to Instagram ads and promoted posts, giving you an extra edge to grow your reach and engagement.

Below is a list of all the excellent features you will get by switching to an Instagram business account:

  • Schedule Instagram posts.
  • Track performance with Instagram Insights.
  • Share links in Instagram Stories.
  • Grow reach with Promoted Posts and Instagram Ads.
  • Instagram Shoppable Posts.

Do not miss these fantastic features by not getting an Instagram account.

Why am I not eligible for Instagram monetization?

You may have met all the qualifications and have done everything I have written above, and you are still not eligible for Instagram monetization.

Content appropriate for Instagram generally is not necessarily suitable for monetization.

To be confirmed eligible, your content must obey the Instagram Content Monetisation and Partner Monetization Policies.

So, your content must comply with Instagram terms and community guidelines which are high-level rules against sexual, violent, profane or hateful content.

Your content must follow these guidelines to be eligible for monetization.

You can read more about the Instagram creator monetization policy here.

Also, I have a guide on ineligibility to use the Instagram branded content tools which also talks more extensively about Instagram monetization.


You can follow this url to learn more about it.

However, you should also note that you shouldn’t rely only on the Instagram monetization program.

There are several other ways you can still monetize your account on Instagram, and below are some ways.

Ways to make money from your Instagram account aside from Instagram monetization.

There are several other ways that content creators make money on Instagram before Instagram decides to consider doing the monetization program.

Let us briefly discuss how you can earn without the creator program.

1. Join an affiliate marketing program

You’ll receive commission payments based on the total sales you drive for a brand and you can see a brand’s commission rate within their affiliate program.

Also you’ll be paid on closed commissions after the return period for purchased items has passed and for most brands, it’s between 30-90 days.

2. Work with brands

Instagram influencers aim to work with their dream brands and earn big bucks and that’s why the first on this list is to offer sponsored content.

Also known as influencer marketing, this option allows you to collaborate with brands to create sponsored content to promote a product, service, or campaign.

Many Instagram content creators are also brand ambassadors and earn hugely from the job.

3. Selling your products

You can also decide to sell your products or print on demand on Instagram.

Amazon, through Merch by Amazon, has made it easy for you to do print on demand and sell your designs on any print.

You can even start this without any capital, and you can guarantee yourself making thousands of dollars monthly depending on the engagement rate of your followers.

You can also sell your eBooks which you can host on Amazon through Kindle publishing, or display your products on Amazon and use links on Instagram.

This is how to monetize your followers effectively without relying entirely on the Instagram creator monetization program.

Final Thoughts

WOW!! I appreciate that you followed me to the end and I am sure you know your way around Instagram monetization and how to get eligible for monetization now.


You should try the monetization method that works well for you.

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