You’re no longer eligible to use instagram branded content tools

You’re no longer eligible to use instagram branded content tools
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If you see this Instagram error telling you that you are no longer eligible to use Instagram branded content tools, you are wondering what could be wrong.

Then a lot is wrong.

Many people have thought they didn’t do anything wrong just because they felt they were uploading their simple minds.

First, you need to know that for you to be able to rectify this type of error message on your Instagram account, you need to contact Instagram support.

However, even if you contact Instagram support without doing the proper thing in your account.

You still risk losing your chances of being approved to use Instagram branded content.

So, it would be best if you considered some vital mindset to be eligible to Monetize your Instagram and use the branded content tool.

You also have to know that some error messages have a time frame for the branded content ineligibility to stop showing.


Once it stops showing, your account will automatically get back to normal, as your problem might be a temporary issue.

So, if yours have a time frame, you might want to exercise little patience and see what happens after that.

However, let us take a look at some of the things you have to consider and why you are ineligible and seeing this error message.

Causes of Instagram account ineligibility to branded content tools

What are some of the causes of this “you that you are no longer eligible to use branded content tools” on your Instagram page?

1. You have posted an unauthorized content

Suppose you have posted content that you do not have the right to use in some of your previous content.

You won’t be able to get access to the Instagram branded content tool.

The reason is that you are not the content owner and only repost them on your account.

It is always essential that you put into consideration and only upload content that you are creating.

Or even worst, you can try to Re-edit the content (either video or image) to make it look unique from the one on the other account.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of people do not have their account eligible.

2. You have content that is misleading on your account

An account with misleading content will always be ineligible for branded content.

For example, you have content related to Uk’raine vs. Ru’ssian wār in 2022 in your content.

Your account is branded as misleading or if you have content that is not genuinely accurate in revealing.

You have the chance of having your account ineligible, and Instagram will not approve you.

3. Posting content that promises freebies to get more views

Those fond of always giving out freebies or hacks on their Instagram account will also fall into this category.

Suppose your account is filled with hacks and freebies like guides that will teach people how to have an account.

Or access to a freemium version of an online tool to which other people subscribe.

Then you will find it challenging to use branded tools because you are operating an unsolicited account.

In Instagram’s view, your content is meant to hurt other brands, and Instagram is the one to be sued by those brands, not you.

So, for this, they won’t accept such type of account in their authorized accounts.

You can also check here and read Instagram branded content terms and conditions.

Ways to solve the ineligibility to use instagram branded content tools

Since we are done revealing the likely causes of this. Let us jump to the strategy you can adopt to solve this problem.

Follow these steps below.

1. Remove violated content from your account and give it time.

I want you to go through your Instagram account and check out any aspect where you have violated their privacy policy.

There might have been some content you uploaded in the past that is already preventing you from progressing forward.

So, you want to do everything possible to be able to remove those content from your account.

Suppose you are complaining that you already have several contents on your account. You can try and check the first 200 content.

And scroll down to the last contents and check those since it will be a manual checking by the Instagram team.

They might not go one by one to check all your content since they won’t also have the time.

So, the first 200 and the last 50 are what you want to check out, and you should be good to go.

If your content is not much, you can check out everything and remove content violating their policy.

2. Contacting support

After you have done the above, you want to go ahead and contact their support for help.

You want to contact them to help you review your account and give you access back to your branded content.

So, to contact Instagram support.


Go to your profile

profile Icon Instagram

Click on Menu

profile menu

Click on Settings

settings settings instagram

Tap on “Help”

Instagram help centre

Click on “Report a problem”

Instagram report a problem

If you see the image below, click on “Report a problem without shaking”

report a problem without shaking instagram

Then report your problem.

report your problem on Instagram

Informing the Instagram team of them helping you review your account and getting back your account.

Try and add a screenshot to it to back up your proof and show them what you are experiencing.

Note; always make sure to show them screenshots for quick replies.

They will get back to you within 48 hours.

3. Read their guidelines

Make sure to read their guidelines with their terms and conditions in case of next time.

You can follow the link I shared above in the causes to ensure that you are careful in case of next time.


Final Thought

If you have read this, I am sure you can now know why your account is ineligible for branded content.

Also, you have done everything I have taught you on how you can get back your account.

Make sure that you apply everything promptly, and your account will be back to normal.

If you are an Instagram user, read this guide on how to clear chat on instagram.

I am sure it will help you clear and wipe data from Instagram.


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