Can my contacts find me on tiktok? (Must read)

can my contacts find me on tiktok

If you are a Tiktok user still wondering, can your contacts find you on Tiktok, the answer is Yes.

However, how can these contacts find you without you telling them yourself that you are not on the Tiktok platform?

Before I continue, you need to have it at the back of your mind that Tiktok tries everything possible to grow more engagement.

TikTok wants more users to use its platform to build more authority and earn more money.

This is the theory of every social media platform, including Instagram or even Facebook.

So, once they see that someone on your contact is on Tiktok, they will notify such a person that you are also on Tiktok.

Meaning they should also connect with you, and you can become friends on the platform by sharing the same interests and conversations.

Now, your next question might be. How does my contact know I am on Tiktok, and how does Tiktok find me for my reference?

Let us discuss a little about the ways they get to know you are on Tiktok.

How your contacts know you are on Tiktok

Below are the two ways that I am aware of that your contacts can use to know of your existence.

1. Through your phone number

If you use TikTok very well, you will realize that you always get some suggestions about people who are on your contact lists.

Where Tiktok will tell you to add them as friends and follow them. Okay, Tiktok so that you can roll with them.

The same thing applies in this type of scenario that flips to your side.

TikTok is not showing you that suggestion because your account is unique.

The way they are showing you suggested friends from your contact is also the way they show your contacts.

Meaning someone with your number will also see your account on Tiktok to be added as a friend.

So, through your phone number that you have used to register a Tiktok account that someone saved, you can get noticed on Tiktok easily.

2. Through Facebook

There is also a way to notice your friends on Tiktok using the Facebook contact list.

Suppose you used a number you have used to register on Facebook. Then your contact can still find you.

Also, if your contact has you as a friend on their Facebook, you are also visible with that account.

They are easily going to notice you and find you on Tiktok easily.

How to stop contacts finding you on TikTok

Below is the necessary step you can take to stop contacts from easily knowing that you are on the TikTok platform.

1. Go to settings and privacy

settings and privacy TikTok

2. Go to Privacy

privacy settings

3. Click on “suggest your account to others”

suggest your account to others

4. Toggle off “suggest your account to phone contacts”

suggest your account to others TikTok

suggest your account to others comtact

5. Off “suggest your account to your Facebook friends”

Kindly note that you have to connect a Facebook account for your Facebook friends to see you.

suggest your account to Facebook friends

If you haven’t connected a Facebook account to your TikTok, you won’t have to worry about this.

But if you have connected already, kindly toggle it off.

You can also toggle it off if you still haven’t connected your Facebook account just for future benefits.

6. Toggle off “Suggest your account to people who have mutual connections with you.”

people with mutual contact

Now that you have toggled off everything from your end. Your account will now enjoy the privacy that it deserves.

Final Thought

It’s not the fault of Tiktok to recommend your account to your friends. They only do everything possible to make you stay connected on their platform.

So, if you do not want your contacts to find you on Tiktok, you can use the steps I have taught above to set your privacy.

After doing the above instructions, your contacts won’t be able to find you on their account.

Note: Except if you use a name that they are aware of. So, you might want to use a unique name for your Tiktok.

Including your profile picture and username.

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