Can you make money on Tiktok without creator fund?(9 Best alternatives)

Can you make money on Tiktok without creator fund

Let us discuss how you can make money on Tiktok without the Creator fund. Is that even possible?

Well, by the time you are done reading this guide. Your next question will be, “How do I start to Implement what I just learned?

Making money on Tiktok without depending on the Creator fund can be achieved through Affiliate Marketing, Print-on-demands, Sponsored posts, Online arbitrage, and even product selling.

I know this might still look confusing to you as to which one will even suit you and which one you should go for.

And not only that, how exactly should you start with each of them and start making money from them?

Let us head straight into how you can start each of these make-money methods before another person sees this and this guide gets Viral.

Ways to earn from TikTok not considering creator funds

Below are the respective and Mouthwatering ways to make a huge amount of money monthly.

Note, when I mean “HUGE.” I mean, at least $1,500 daily from Tiktok, depending on how big your follower base is.

Moreover, if you have many views on your Tiktok whenever you post, you are in for a long ride of money minting.

1. Niche and Affiliate Marketing

A niche account plus affiliate marketing is one of the best methods for you to monetize your Tiktok.

All you have to do is create a link tree where you have several links injected into a single link.

You can use a website like to do something like this.

Find a niche you will be interested in and create video content around them.

You can even use pictures and texts to create videos for any niche you wish without showing your face.

Learn how to create videos with online pictures and texts in any niche. You can refer to this guide for help.

You can head over to affiliate sites like Clickbank, Amazon, and Digistores24 to get affiliate products to promote with a good commission rate of like 50%.

You will put these affiliate links in your linktree, and the linktree Link will be the one in your Bio.

So, in your videos, you will redirect them to your bio link (linktree), and when they click on it, they will be shown several offers to pick from, which have your affiliate link.

Note: Do not use affiliate links directly in your Tiktok Bio. It can get your account suspended. Use linktree or link Cloaker like Prettylinks instead.

2. Print-on-demand

Suppose you do not want to bother about Affiliate marketing. There are a lot of memes on the internet.

Funny video memes are also available. Many people have used Khaby Lane’s picture to do several memes and turn them into Print-on-demand.

You can use memes on Tiktok and screenshot and head over to Teespring or Merch by Amazon, upload it on the platform, and turn it into a design on any material.

The amazing thing about this is that you can do this for absolutely free (without any cost).

Provided you have audiences who already trust you and follow every video you post.

You only have to recommend one of your prints to them and redirect them to purchase from your store.

Your store on Teespring or Merch by Amazon is free to create, and they will be the ones to deliver to your audience while you sit back and earn your profit.

3. Sponsored ads

Several companies are out there looking for the cheapest method to reach a wide audience to promote their products.

Among your followers are employees working in these companies and also those who have small businesses.

You can create a video or clip and inform your followers about how much you charge for promotion.

It works better if you tell them you are offering a discount for the first five brands that message you.

This is another way to earn because these people following you have businesses and are even richer than you in most cases.

So, if you have large followers and get a lot of views on your videos, offer your sponsored ad service and see the money rolling in.

You can input your email address in your video and tell them to message you.

Or you can add a Google form link in your Bio for them to reach you and book a call with you.

4. Traffic arbitrage

You can also start sending traffic from TikTok to your blog to earn revenue.

Several people use this technique to make money from their TikTok accounts.

Once they have the video, they need. They always make sure to redirect people to their Bio.

The moment they get a click to their website and traffic starts coming in. They can monetize with google AdSense.

Before Tiktok came, many fast money-making methods bloggers ran paid adverts on Facebook and Google to drive traffic to their websites.

But now, Tiktok has the traffic, Imagine uploading content, and you already get millions of views within 48 hours?

This was likely impossible to get in 2014 before Tiktok came. You will have to run paid ads to reach thousands of people easily.

So now, it’s getting easier, and arbitrage is leading the way to more money.

5. Product selling

Selling your product is one of the easy ways to make money. However, it would be best if you had the capital to launch your brand.

Moreover, delivery is also part of what you should consider.

But if you already have the trust of your followers and they trust you. They will buy from you and never disappoint.

6. TikTok Freelancing

Freelancing on Tiktok is not also a mad motive as you can start rendering your online services virtually.

This way is even better as you don’t have to endure competitors on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

If you have any digital skills like website design, Graphics design, or even video editing.

You can render service. Moreover, there are now a lot of tools that you can learn to use within 1 week and be good in these skills.

WordPress for website design, Canva for graphics design, and Kinemaster for video editing.

These tools will make life easy for you, and you can learn them within a few days and start rendering the service on your account.

7. Buy me a coffee

Another way to say “donate” without saying “donate” is by asking your audience to buy you a coffee.

If you are the kind of person that provides them with a lot of value through comedy, wise thoughts, or whatever.

You can ask them to buy you a coffee. Not all of them will buy you for sure. But they will buy you one if they live your content.

Remember, these people have money, and they are only online to find something to make them ease stress and pain.

So, keep shooting out those content and request them to buy you. They will.

8. Course selling

If you have a skill that you are very good at, you can turn it into a course and host it on an educational platform like Udemy.

Paste the Course link in your Bio and start redirecting your viewers to your course for them to enroll.

Moreover, if you do not even have a skill, since you have enough audience on Tiktok, you have grown into hundreds of thousands of followers.

Then you can create a course around “How to grow big on Tiktok.” I am not saying you should use that title. I am only giving you a hint.

So you see now that for you to grow a wide audience on Tiktok is also a skill. So, leverage on that.

9. Property selling

Real estate investing and selling property is another way to grow fame on Tiktok.

Start making friends with real estate managers, and you can be a promoter for them.

People are looking for building to rent and buy. You can always be their surest plug for something like this.

Just telling them about a house for renting in a location or for sale will only cost you a few seconds to mention in your video.

From there, you can get over ten requests in your DM concerning how they can buy it.

Tiktok is a great platform for property selling. A lot of people don’t see it yet.

You can even display the property pictures perfectly well just by using TikTok templates.

Overview and Thought

Now that I have discussed nine methods you can use to make money on Tiktok.

Can you now see that depending on the creator fund is nothing compared to what you just read?

Taking one or two business ideas among these ideas can transform your life within a short period.

Since you have audiences, who are always viewing your content. Why the panic about the creator fund?

When you can easily promote to them and make money through that.

Creator fund should only be an added advantage for chocolate money.

I wouldn’t trade one million views for thirty dollars on creator funds when I can use that same one million views to make thirty thousand dollars with these business ideas.

If you enjoy this guide, drop your thoughts in the comment box below. I am always happy to read your thoughts.

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