Does tiktok notify your contacts when you join (Honest Guide)

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The ability to keep one’s privacy on Tiktok without close acquaintances knowing is a massive worry for several Tiktok users.

Not everyone wants to be on a platform like Tiktok, where their contacts will be notified when they join.

This is due to several reasons or another. Someone like me, for instance, does not like it when my contacts know I just joined a social media platform.

So, it is normal if you have this worry in your mind, which is exactly what we will discuss today.

If you want to know if Tiktok notify your contacts when you Join, then the answer is No. TikTok doesn’t notify your contact when you join.

A lot of other ways are available on Tiktok for your contacts to easily notice that you are on Tiktok though.

We will discuss this in detail throughout the reading of this guide.


Ways your contacts know you’re on TikTok

Although there are several aspects, your contact list can know that you are available on Tiktok.

They might not know when exactly you join, but they will later get to know in one way or the other.

Below are some of the ways they get to know.

1. You are on their contact list

If you are a regular Tiktok user, you will notice that you get a Pop up notifying you to add contacts as friends on Tiktok.

If you check very well, you will realize that these contacts are also on Tiktok, and Tiktok is letting you know that you can add them as friends since they are on your contact list.



The way they are showing you is also how they are showing those on your contact list.

This means that you will also be suggested among other contacts to other Tiktok users who have your phone number on their phones.

This is one of the ways that they can get to know your account on TikTok.

2. You posted a video

Even if the person who got to know you doesn’t check their contact suggestions on Tiktok.

They will always be notified whenever you post a video on Tiktok. An example can be something like this below.

You can see that even though I don’t bother to check this person out on Tiktok.

TikTok still notified me that that individual still posted on Tiktok and that I should check her out.

They recommend these people to me the same way they will recommend my videos to those who have my contact whenever I publish content.

3. You have their contact

If you have their contact and they don’t even have your contact. You still stand the chance of being recommended to them.

The reason is that Tiktok sees that you are interested in being friends with such a person.



So, maybe the person doesn’t know much about you yet. The TikTok algorithm believes they can be friends on their platform.

4. You signed up with a phone number

Many savvy TikTok users are extra careful in ensuring they don’t sign up with their phone number on Tiktok.

So, they always make sure that they sign up with an email whenever they are about to register an account.

Signing up with a phone number is a signal to other Tiktok users who have your phone number.

And once they get that suggestion of your account being on Tiktok. You will be added as a friend.

How do you curb this contact notification

Let us take a discussion about how you can limit TikTok notify your contacts when you join.

1. Block them

The first thing you can do is to block anybody that you don’t want to add as your friend or follow you on Tiktok.

You can do this by easily going to their account and block them from accessing your account.

Meaning whenever they check out your account. It will all remain blank and will look empty.

So that way, they won’t be able to notice that you are even available on Tiktok.

2. Don’t use your know name

You can also change your name from the normal name they know you as.

Using another name aside from your name or just a second name not known by anyone is also good.

Tiktok can, because of your close relationship with your contact on other platforms, justify recommending you to them.

So, use a separate name known to you alone.

3. Use a separate profile picture from other social accounts

Using an unknown picture or a new profile picture is also an advantage.

You can even visit a free stock photo website like Unsplash and get images.

4. Work more on your privacy settings

Going to your privacy and settings, you can limit the number of people who can add you.

Going to your privacy and settings >> settings >> suggest this account to others.

You will be able to manage your account and stop Tiktok from just adding you to any group the way they like.

Since this feature is already there, it’s now easier for you to stop any tabbing.

5. Don’t use your phone number to sign up

When registering Tiktok, use email to sign up for your new Tiktok account instead of a phone number.

Use an email address that is not even associated with WhatsApp or Facebook so they won’t keep track.

Make everything private and use an entirely segmented email.

This way, you stay private, and nobody can track you from having your contact because you are using an account registered by email.

Suppose Tiktok should try to recommend you to other contacts still. Then, you can sue them and win in court.
Hahahaha… just kidding.


Overview and Thought

This brings us to the end of this guide. If you are wondering if Tiktok will suggest your contact, they won’t.

But they have other means they make your contact know that you are available on Tiktok.

All this is what I have discussed in this guide which I am sure you have read and have now taken the necessary measures to stop anybody from noticing your existence on Tiktok.

I will also like you to read this guide on whether you can curse on TikTok.

You will learn a lot from it, and it will help you make the best decision as a Tiktok Content Creator.


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