Can you curse on tiktok (know this before posting)

can you curse on tiktok

All social media platforms have restrictions towards the misuse of their platform, and Tiktok is no exception.

The answer is yes if you are asking if you can curse on Tiktok. Even though several creators insist you can’t, I’ve seen many users use foul language on Tiktok.

Words like “B*tch, F*uck you” are familiar words you get to hear on the platform if you are a consistent user of Tiktok.

But it is always preferable that your content is always hostile so as not to experience future problems.

Oh yes, Tiktok is trying every day to improve its algorithm, and it will also soon be very developed, like Instagram and Facebook.

You will realize that the video performing well on your account, which brings you more views, will decrease in reach.

Meaning your account will start dropping engagement, and your momentum will be killed slowly.

So, in this situation, it is better to find a means to stay protected on Tiktok even while you’re still passing your information.

Remember, while you are still saying *B*tch*, your audience still gets you.

Or while you are still saying “F*uck you,” and your audience can still get you.

The best way to do this is by censoring or bleeping out such words on your video.

The person watching you will still understand you by completing it in their mind.

Let us jump into how you can do this to save yourself from future trouble.

Solution to uploading a content where you curse on TikTok

Use this to bleep out your curse words on Tiktok

You should censor words or curses from your video by still letting your audience know what you mean.

Using Instagram filter can get this done for now. You cannot do it directly with the Tiktok application.

1. Download Instagram

Instagram download

2. Go to story

facebook friend suggestion

3. Swipe filter to search

search filter

4. Search for “Bleep”

bleep filter instagram

5. Use Bleep out filter

6. Save for future use.

save bleep filter

7. Record your video using the filter, save and upload it to TikTok.

Bleep filter

upload bleep on TikTok

Once you have the filter saved on your story, you can continue using it anytime you like.

So, whenever you are recording your video on Instagram, you say foul words or curse. It will bleep it out.

But it’s always better to select the manual by allowing yourself to censor the exact part you want to bleep.

Since if it is automated, you might experience beeping in some parts that you don’t want.

So, you can either allow the filter to bleep out your words or do it manually by tapping on the aspects.


Final Thought

Bleeping out your video is the best way to stay safe and not experience any drop in your video engagement in the future.

The only reason why you should curse on Tiktok is if you do not care if they suspend your account in the future or downgrade your videos.

If otherwise, then stay jiggy and make sure to maintain an outstanding reputation on the Tiktok Platform.

I wrote a guide on how to get TikTok famous in 10 minutes. You can check it out here.

I’m sure it will help you out in your Tiktok influencing journey.


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