How to create free virtual number for telegram (Beginners’ Guide)

How to create free virtual number for telegram

If trying to register a telegram account without using your current phone number is your problem, then a free virtual number is the best solution.

In today’s guide, I will take you through how you can create a free virtual number for Telegram without paying a dime.

Your phone might have been occupied already, or you probably have a task you want to perform by creating a new telegram account.

However, you couldn’t use your current phone numbers because you have already used them to create other Telegram accounts.

Virtual number is what can come to your rescue in this case, and by the time we are done with today’s guide, you will be able to get your free online number for Telegram.

Let us get into the ways that you can get these numbers.

What are the techniques for Telegram free virtual number

Below are the two excellent platforms I know you can use to get a virtual number for free.

1. Using Text-plus

TalkU number

Using the Text-plus application just by going to their website, you can get a free virtual number on this platform.

Also, you can use these Virtual numbers to request a telegram code and get your account set and ready.

Although, Text-plus don’t allow you to call with their free virtual number except if you upgrade and purchase a number.

The only thing you will be able to do is use their free numbers to request a pin in the message box.

The code will be sent to the message box of the number you select, which you can use for your telegram verification.

You wouldn’t be able to make a call with it or even send messages to other people.

You can use this type of Virtual number only for receiving messages.

2. Using Numero eSIM


Another application that also offers this type of service is Numerous eSIM.

They not only have a mobile application, but you can also access their website to know more about their features.

Numero is a great platform that offers this type of virtual number service which you can use for your telegram registerations.

Even though Numero offers a free virtual number service, you have to watch some ads for you to be able to use their number.

This here is the primary reason why Numero is different from Text plus.

You must watch video ads to access their free numbers or purchase a number.

So, you can also use Numero eSIM to get your free virtual number and register your telegram account.

Pros of Free virtual number

Let us check out some of the Pros of creating the free virtual number for telegram as someone who wants to register an account.

1. Creating an account without buying a sim card

With a virtual number, you can quickly start creating any account and make online registerations that require a phone number.

A lot of online users don’t rely heavily on their numbers. They make use of virtual numbers to perform several tasks.

Telegram is one of those platforms where the virtual phone number is very effective in their usage.

2. Enjoying more privacy

With a virtual phone number, you enjoy more privacy because you don’t have to be scared of a platform selling your data.

You know that when it comes to online marketplace. You have to be careful of where you drop your data.

Social media platforms like Instagram even use our data to solve other brands’ problems.

So, the online is not that secure, and that is why the virtual number is incredible because you can use a number of a country you don’t live in or even visit.

3. For quick testing

You can also test out some functions of a platform just by using g a virtual phone number.

There are some platforms that you might not know how exactly they work. I remember when I was about to create my first Tiktok account.

I first used a virtual number to get things done and started by testing the platform.

Cons of Free virtual number

I doubt there is anything with an advantage that wouldn’t have a disadvantage. Let us check out the weaknesses of free virtual numbers.

1. Not permanent

If you are using a free virtual number, you need to know that you don’t have permanent access.


There is no platform out there that can offer you a completely free virtual number without telling you to upgrade to pro.

So, with a free virtual number, you only have access to temporary access to it, and other people will also make use of it.

2. Not privately for long

In some cases, you will see that your details are not that private because other people will also be using the same number.

So, you might even see someone using that same number at the same time that you are using the number.

Free virtual numbers are not entirely reliable, and what if you need to do verification in the future?

You will have already lost access to that number, and you need to be worried about what else to do.

Overview and Thought

So, in this guide, we have discussed how getting a free virtual number can be as easy s possible and integrating it into your Telegram.

If you want to register a new telegram account, use a free virtual number, and you will be up and running.

Although it is more critical that you purchase a virtual number, it can be more reliable and permanently yours in case of future reasons.

To get a permanent virtual number for a low price. You can check out this process.

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Talk soon.

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