Tiktok search bar missing (fix no search bar on tiktok)

Tiktok search bar missing (fix no search bar on tiktok)

TikTok search bar missing? How to fix no search bar on tiktok? These are the most important questions facing people interested in content creation for social media.

While everyone is facing one or two issues in the early stage of Tiktok, a missing search bar is one of the major complaints of many users.

That is why in today’s guide, I will be helping you fix no search bar on Tiktok in case your search bar is missing.

No TikTok Search Bar (Is it missing for life?)

Does this mean you need to find your missing Tiktok search bar in Minnesota?

No, your search bar is still on Tiktok, and all you need to do is create a new account and log in to your current account later.

This way, you can rectify your Tiktok search bar if you have tried everything possible.

Anyway, this guide will still detail how you can fix the search bar not working.

So, be rest assured that we have a lot of goodies to share in today’s guide.

However, the primary way this works is that you will have to delete all your data from the original TikTok account with which you are having an issue.

Majorly like just uninstalling the TikTok application and installing it back into your phone.

Now, you will have to start afresh. So, you will have to log in with new details, like a unique email address.

Make sure not to use the details of your original account as you want to start new and not like your account.

Once you create the new account, you will search for something on the new account, as your search bar should now be available.

Then you will now go back to your original Tiktok account by logging in to it. No, your search bar should be visible.

What you should know is that the fault is not entirely from Tiktok. It’s majorly from your phone and its cache.

Methods to fix the search bar missing on Tiktok

Below, I will show you what I just explained and paraphrased in the above sentences with pictures.

Method 1. Opening a new account.

1. Logout from current TikTok account

logout TikTok

2. Turn off VPN or Adblockers

TikTok VPNs

You can do this by going to your phone settings or turning off any VPN you have on your device.

3. Uninstall or Reinstall Application

uninstall TikTok

TikTok uninstall

4. Make a new account

Sign up tiktok

Do not log in to your original account at first. Create a new account to make the search bar visible on your phone first.

5. Log in to the old account

Doing this, your search bar should now be up and running on Tiktok, where you can search for whoever and whatever you like.

Method 2. Logging Out and Logging In

This method cannot be as effective as the first method, but giving it a trial at first is not bad.

Some of my followers have told me that just by logging Out, and In of their TikTok account, the search bar came back.

This is also a foolproof method that can help you fix this problem.

Method 3. Reporting to TikTok Support

Another terrific way you can get this fixed is by contacting the support section of Tiktok for help.

Just go to your privacy and settings and check out the “report a problem” section.

TikTok settings and privacy

Report a problem on TikTok help

They can be the best to tell you exactly what happened, and they can help you fix it in case the problem comes from their end.

Make sure you screenshot the search aspect for them to see that it is not showing.

You will include this screenshot in your complaint whenever you are giving it.

What if it disappears again after a few months

It might happen that after you can experience that, your search bar disappears again after a few months.

You can decide to log out from your original account, log in to the other new account created, and log back into the original account.

It’s majorly because your phone has some bugs. It’s nothing more than that, and the Tiktok platform is still developing.

TikTok still has a lot to fix, and it’s majorly because of its rapid growth in the online marketplace.


Overview and Thought

If experiencing the disappeared TikTok search bar with the discovery element is what you are having a problem with.

Then this guide is what will show you precisely the things you need to know about how you can solve this issue.

I have gone step by step to explain everything that you need to know and scale through with remarkable methods.

If this guide has been helpful, reply by replying in the comment box.

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