View only mode TikTok (What is it and what does it mean?)

view only mode TikTok

what is view only mode on tiktok? what does view only mode mean on tiktok? These are the most important questions troubling people seeing the view only mode warning on their account.

As a content creator on Tiktok, getting several restrictions might be one of the things you have experienced.

That is why some content creators are curious to know what view mode means on Tiktok.

So, if you are eager to know what view mode is on the Tiktok application.

View mode means that you can watch content and scroll, but you will not be able to make any publishing like posting, going live or commenting on the Tiktok platform.

What this means is that you will only be a regular user who is just scrolling and viewing other content that is being published, but you can’t engage at all.

You are only in a stranger’s mode on the Tiktok application. Although, this is not permanent.

It is a temporary restriction, and your ban will be lifted in a few days or weeks (depending on the timeframe Tiktok give you).

What are the significant causes of Tiktok showing you the view mode warning or restricting your account to view mode only?

Let us take a look at that.


Causes of View Only mode a your TikTok account

What causes you to see the view mode error notification on your account? Among them are;

1. Too many bans

Suppose you are experiencing too many bans in your account, like maybe 3-4 bans. You will likely see this type of error.

You have been violating a lot of the Tiktok policy and will only be restricted to being a ghost user on the platform.

This is the reason why a lot of top Tiktok influencers always stay away from violating the Tiktok Platform policy.

2. Reported Videos

When you violate the rules of the content by using another person’s content without rebranding.

This is the primary reason many people see this type of message. Why? Because they go ahead and use other people’s content.

If you don’t even tag the content owner, that is another problem.

So, try to create content yourself and desist from copying other people’s content and re-uploading it to your account.

3. Harsh comments

If you are the kind that loves savage replied a lot. Then it would be best if you were very careful.

Someone like me doesn’t allow nuisance in anything. I am usually moved to comment on something I feel is not right.

Oh yes, I know that I am also a role model to some people, but I like to say my mind.

So, if you are someone like me, always make sure you construct your comment in a way that won’t signal to the Tiktok Algorithm.

If you want to write “Fuck You“, you should instead write “F×ck Ya“.

This is for those who are more toxic than me. I am not this toxic, but I give Savage replies, but I am not as harsh as this.

My main point is to be careful, because if you are not. You are going to land yourself in the view only mode.

4. User Guide Rules

Suppose your videos consist of stuff that has cannabis or even cigarettes. It would help if you were careful.

The reason is that TikTok frown on stuff like this, and they can even block your account.

Yes, you might see some other account uploading such videos, but who knows why they haven’t been banned?

You have to be careful that your videos are not misleading and are up to every user’s taste.

Why there is an alarming rate of Tiktok warning and blocking

Here is why there is a high record it accounts for getting shutdown on Tiktok daily.

1. Bots operation

Their system is mainly operated by bots programmed to work on behalf of humans.

However, the thing about these bots is that they malfunction more than what they are programmed to do.

Since things change, some things are not meant to be blocked. But the bot will block such an act.

Making it very difficult for some people, and they will always have to use the support system all the time.

Tiktok boots are the primary reason for all these bans.

2. TikTok is trying to maintain consumers’ law

TikTok is also trying to maintain the consumer law of human rights by doing everything possible to keep good user behaviour.

Since they know more prominent brands can also sue them, they are doing everything possible to maintain good user behaviour.

If you see anything like view only mode, how can you solve it? Let us discuss it below.

Solution to View-Only Mode showing

If you are wondering how you can solve this issue and get an instant solution to your error message.

Below are the ways.

1. Appeal to the support

For you to appeal, go straight to your privacy and settings>> scroll down to report a problem>> make your appeal.

settings and privacy


report a problem tiktok

report a problem

The only people who can help you out are the admin, and they will solve your problem.

There is no trick or tactics that can help you solve the issue.

Always include the screenshot of the “view only mode” error message. It is crucial.

2. Be patient

You can also decide to exercise patience and wait until the ban is lifted.

Although this is something you might not expect, patience is a mindset few people have.

If you can have patience, then you will excel more.

3. Be careful what you post

Next time, always be careful of the content or comments you post on Tiktok.

They don’t allow anyhow post because their bots are always malfunctioning sometimes.

So, be regular and post like an average person.

4. Try not to put your egg in one basket

It would be best if you also tried o diversify by not only using TikTok as your only means of a growing audience.

Any post you make on Tiktok, upload it on Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube.

This way, even if Tiktok blocks your account tomorrow, you can still have another platform to rely on.

Remember you do not own Tiktok? Every follower you have there are only rented and not entirely yours.


Final Thought

This ban is only a temporary ban for a few days. So far, you can still access your account, and you are good to go.

I have done everything possible to explain how “view only mode” works, including the meaning, causes, why, and solutions.

So try as much as possible to read it and have a patient mindset.

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It will help you out a lot.


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