How many likes on tiktok to get paid (Beginners’ Guide)

How many likes on tiktok to get paid

Likes are one of the primary determinants of a successful TikTok account. Without Likes, it means your content is not performing.

So, this raises the question of how many likes one needs on TikTok to get paid.

Well, does this mean you need to have likes to get paid on TikTok?

No, TikTok doesn’t pay content creators for likes. TikTok only pays content creators for views.

Meaning even if you have Likes, they won’t convert to dollars. But it is also vital for you to know that you need views for you to get likes.

However, Tiktok pays an average of $0.03 to $0.05 per ten thousand views. You need around 60 Likes and above to earn $0.03.

Without thousands of views, you cannot be guaranteed to make a hundred likes on your content.

The same thing; without having millions of views on your content, you cannot be guaranteed to have thousands of likes on your content.

So, that brings us back to how you can make money from your views and likes without relying entirely on content creator fund.

With these likes and views working together. You can get paid on TikTok quickly.

So, can we head straight to this? Stick with me, and let’s see how you can get more money from your Likes.


TikTok Likes and Views work together (how to earn well from them).

Below are some ways you can make an extra added pay from every Likes and Views on your content.

Since the more views and likes, the more you keep earning money because when people see that your Likes correspond with your Views, they will pay you.

It can be challenging to have ten thousand views and ten likes. So, check this out below on how to get paid more.

1. Brand partnership

You can use sponsorship from other brands to make money with your likes and views on Tiktok.

Several brands are looking for an influencer to help market their products and services.

So, as a content creator on Tiktok, you must keep improving your likes.

You can private message these brands to sponsor you, and you help them promote their products.

2. Affiliate links

There are several products to sell on the internet, both digital and physical products.

So, you can market these products to your audience and get them to pay you a commission per every sale you make.

You can even go ahead and market a product with a high commission rate of 50% or even more.

Affiliate marketing is another genuine way to make money from Tiktok without reliance on direct payment from TikTok itself.

3. Lives

Another way you can make money is by going Live on Tiktok. Going Live will help you a lot and make you money.

You can decide to seek virtual gifts whenever you are live and if you have enough subscribers. Your followers will donate.

4. Amazon store

Websites like Teespring or Amazon can easily help you do your print on demand.

This means you can imprint any design on an item virtually on Teespring or Amazon and sell it through your link on Tiktok.

You don’t need to have the physical product at hand. Both print-on-demand companies will do all the sprinting and shipping for you.

While you keep the percentage all to yourself whenever they purchase through your store.

5. Patreon membership

Patreon is an online membership Platform that pays you for having members stream your content online.

It’s one of the ways that many content creators out there are making money. You can also decide to use them.

Boosting your likes

Ways through which you can boot your likes on Tiktok for more pay and for those methods above to work out for you.

1. Good video

Create videos that are very good and appealing. You can use a ringlight and many other equipments to make your videos clean and clear.

Use particular types of equipment to make your videos very good and excellent.

This way, you stand more chances of getting a lot of Likes because viewers like to watch clear videos.

When your video looks dull and old, you cannot expect them to like it.

People want someone unique and unmistakable. That is why you need to prioritize more on this.

2. Ask them to Like

Asking them to like your video is also a superb method. Whenever you ask them, they will surely like it.

You must always request them to like your videos because this is how they can grow more interested in your stuff.



If you are wondering how much you can get paid for each Likes you will have on your video.

Then you should know that it depends and this guide has explained what you need to know about this.

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It will help you increase your Tiktok account earnings and grow more followers.


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